Quality Policy

Specialised Machinery Company (SMC) is an ISO 9001:2015 accredited engineering consultant and manufacturing company that provides custom designed and manufactured lifting, handling and associated equipment to the mining, oil & gas and construction industries.

SMC strives to be the best provider of workshop-based manufacturing, engineering consultation & design, refurbishment, repairs, maintenance and re certification to the mining, oil & gas, construction and military industry.

SMC recognises the importance of quality related considerations within its business services and activities that potentially have an impact on:

  • The scope of supply to our client base
  • Our employees and business practices
  • Our surroundings and the environments in which we operate

SMC will promote and communicate this policy to all personnel and interested parties and will review the policy on a regular basis to ensure it remains appropriate to the nature and scale of SMC’s activities.

Objectives, appropriate to the nature and scale of activities, are established, planned and implemented with review of business performance occurring at regular intervals.

SMC understands the expectations and requirements outlined in legislation, as well as industry guidance and best practice relevant to the sectors that its Clients operate in.

The Managing Director is accountable for the implementation of this policy and the management of quality on a day-to-day basis is delegated to the General Manager.  Both parties shall ensure that the business:

  • has processes and procedures in place that control business risks arising from its undertakings
  • commits to the continual improvement of its Management System to enhance quality related performance
  • consults with employees on matters affecting quality to develop positive attitudes and promote appropriate behaviours
  • provides and maintains safe plant and equipment
  • provides suitable and sufficient information, instruction, training and supervision for personnel to be competent to fulfil their tasks
  • complies with applicable legal and any other requirements to which it subscribes, and commits to fulfil its compliance obligations

Further information with regards to responsibilities and arrangements for quality are detailed in the Quality Manual and associated Management System.