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Advanced New Design – Advanced Safety-Stability—Superior Performance

  • 30 Tonne Pick and Carry / 45 Tonne on Stabilisers
  • Optional counterweights 2 tonnes and 4 tonne
  • Advanced Stability System Providing Better Safety
  • Fast Setup Stabilisers Increase Stability by up to 50%
  • Stabilisers increase capacity to 45 Tonne
  • Long-reach 5 Stage Booms—25m Height
  • 5 Stage Full Power Sequenced Booms
  • 70 to –5-degree boom angle
  • Heavy duty driveline
  • Two-speed transfer box—high/low
  • 25m boom tip height
  • 4 x 4 Advanced Drive and Suspension
  • 240kW (320HP) Mercedes 926 series
  • Generous Size Twin Operators Cabin
  • Quality Seating and Cabin Layout
  • Advanced Digital Display Instrumentation

The easy set-up outriggers are designed to assist in better stability during lifts, similar to a Telehandler. These stabilisers can improve the Ranger Crane’s stability by more than 50% in some areas of the load chart, making the R45 Ranger Crane a very stable and much safer crane to use, especially during long boom extensions and higher lifts.

Patent Pending: Outrigger Stabilisers
The R45 Ranger Crane can put out the outrigger stabiliser legs in just a few minutes. Each leg can be positioned or adjusted individually or together.

Fall Block
The new Ranger Crane has a 6 fall 45-tonne lift capacity on the hook. The system can be reeved 2 falls, 4 falls or 6 falls. With a generous 7.5-tonne line pull, the R45 Ranger Crane is the largest in its class.

Lift Cylinder
The R45 has a large double sealed hydraulic cylinder for those big heavy lifts that require good stability and load carrying capability.

The R45 has a spacious two-man cabin. Its easy, smooth controls combined with soft air ride seating, powerful climate control and low cabin sound make this crane the ideal workhorse that can work hard and be comfortable and safe simultaneously. The R45 cabin offers good all-around vision, especially over and out through the rear, mostly due to the low-profile rear engine cover and the spare tyre being on the opposite side of the crane.

The R45 comes with high-powered double headlights.

Rhino Hook
The R45 has a standard 20 tonne capacity, Rhino Hook, for simple machine lifting and for those difficult jobs.

The R45 comes with a heavy 7.5 tonne line pull on the top layer high speed winch.

Rigging Boxes
The R45 has a rigging box in the front area of the crane for those very heavy chains and also a generous double door large rigging box at the side.

The R45 has a five section full power boom with a 25m tip height. Automatic electronic rope compensated on all five boom sections.

Boom Angle
The R45 can raise the booms to +70 degrees and to -5 degrees.

The all-new Ranger 45 or branded R45 is a new concept in this class of pick and carry cranes. Utilising fast-acting drop-down and out stabiliser outriggers allows this crane to come and do the job with speed, comfort and enhanced safety and capacity.

Power Train
The all-new R45 is powerful with its fuel-efficient Mercedes 926 series (320hp) diesel engine combined with the smooth change Allison Automatic transmission making this crane fast and easy to drive and operate.

The R45 is fitted with all hydraulic steering with an electric-powered backup system for enhanced safety.

Spare Wheel
The R45 has easy access convenient spare wheel position. Not rear mounted, which causes rear blind spots. A convenient all-electric swing-out tyre handling crane is standard.

The R45 has a large capacity rigging storage locker with two large side lockable doors.

Axle Lock Out
The R45 is fitted with the well-proven Ranger rigid axle lockout pin system that gives 100% reliability and stability when in pick and carry mode.


0229 Edited Brochure 1
R45XS Ranger Crane
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