Davit & Overhead Cranes

Product Description
A davit or overhead crane is piece of equipment, that allows you to lift and move heavy materials from one location to another in a precise manner. No “one size fits all” for these cranes, meaning they need to be carefully designed and engineered for a specific purpose or application to suit a business’ material handling needs.

Overhead cranes can be designed and built in all kinds of configurations, and different components can be swapped out or engineered to improve its capacity and performance.

Some of the most popular reasons for using an overhead crane include:

  • Loading/ unloading materials
  • Moving materials around a facility
  • Flipping or pulling products on and off machines at manufacturing facilities
  • Feeding material into machines at a manufacturing facility
  • Moving pieces or parts down an assembly line in a controlled fashion
  • Moving containers around a shipyard or railyard
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Custom Davit Trolley
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